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One-Minute Scares
One-Minute Scares

One-Minute Scares

For horror fans without a lot of time.

One-minute horror shorts—give or take a minute.

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Steven Aguilera

By Steven Aguilera

Originally from the San Francisco Bay Area, Steven Aguilera has produced photo-realistic illustrations since his mid-teens and is self-educated in most aspects of art. He has written the art instruction book, A New Perspective, on depth and three-dimensional form. On his first film project, he served as a scenic artist on the Roman Coppola-produced horror film, Clownhouse, starring Sam Rockwell. Since then, he has written seven feature scripts and has written and directed numerous short films and two features. He resides in Los Angeles and works as a full-time film composer, writer, director, cinematographer, editor and visual effects artist.

Dissecting Horror Podcast

Hosted by Steven Aguilera and Kelsey Zukowski. Examining the anatomy of fear in film, television and literature. Catch on YouTube and all podcast platforms.

Dissecting Horror

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